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SV IDEAS is an independent NVH testing and consultancy company based in Bengaluru- India, providing engineering service globally. We are a flexible, self-motivated, result-oriented, and customer-focused team. With industrial experience of over 18 years in the wide domain such as Automotive, Railways, and Mechanical industry, we can serve OEMs, component manufacturers, part suppliers, institutions, and commodity manufacturers.


We take up NVH Testing and Certification jobs conforming to various global-accepted test specifications & standards, and help our clients in regulatory approvals. Other than Design evaluation, we perform Noise & Vibration Performance design and planning, Noise estimation, and Component-level target cascading. We offer Analysis and Solutions to solve NV problems. We also offer various Training courses on Acoustics and Vibration Engineering.


We use proven state-of-the-art technology, instrumentation, and software. Our focus is on providing deliverable's with utmost care right from the selection of sensors & instrumentation, mounting of sensors, good measurement method, accurate acquisition of data, scientific analysis, and viable solution. We strive to provide authenticate and unbiased results those are easily accepted by our customer’s customers or end users.


We aim to provide top class service and solutions to our customers which improve the competitiveness of a product. We want to be part of the success with our clients, as a partner rather than a contractor!

  • To improve Comfort level of use of Machines, Vehicles, Buildings, and Work space. 

  • To meet Acoustic & Vibration Norms & Regulations for a product .

  • To improve competitiveness of a product.


To provide NVH Testing Services & Solutions to help customers to improve the performance of their products or processes.

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